Would you travel outside your town for a project?

Yes! We cover all areas of Greece and will travel internationally for large-scale projects.

How does licensing work?

In both commercial and architectural photography licensing plays an important role in the booking process.
Our images are licensed to clients for specific use.
You can do pretty much anything you want (marketing-wise) with your pictures besides selling and forwarding them to other companies.
If you are the hotel owner for example, you can’t just forward the images to the architect or to the company who designed the furniture.
Third party companies are required to get a separate license from Dreamodd in order to use the images legally.

Do you work with a team?

In most of my commercial work I cooperate with a small group of people like stylists, photography assistants, producers etc.

How can we book you?

Visit our contact page and get in touch via email or telephone!


What areas do you serve?

Mostly Greek islands, but I sometimes travel abroad for projects that are worth the time and effort.

Do you provide partial day coverage?


Do you have packages?

No, I have a different yet very straight forward pricing model. Send me an email and I’ll forward you my pricing right away.

Do you always work with a second photographer?

Not every project needs a second photographer. I always work with a light assistant though.

Should we book a pre or an after-wedding photoshoot?

95% of my portfolio images were shot during an after-wedding session. If you enjoy my signature work then I’d encourage you to book an after-wedding photoshoot.

How many days will I have to wait to get my pictures?

Up to 60 days for photography and 90 days for cinematography.

Will my images be edited?

All the selected images will be fully edited and polished.

Will you help us choose locations for our photoshoot?

Sure! I know most of the Greek islands pretty well, especially Santorini and Mykonos.