Wedding proposals

Your proposal in Santorini should be one of those iconic moments, where you feel like you’re in a movie, isolated from your environment, focusing only on the person standing next to you.

A Santorini, Greece proposal should be one of those moments where time stops and everything matters just for a while.

Our island is wild, alive and filled with energy.

Walking its isles with your partner at sunset is like forced romanticism; even the toughest will feel it, like a drizzle you can’t ignore. It’s there.

Your proposal in Santorini deserves to be captured beautifully:

Proposals in Greece

Proposal Santorini Oia 2

Proposals in Greece

Proposal Santorini Oia 3

Proposals in Greece

Proposal Santorini 4

Proposals in Greece

Giannis and Jaime – Proposal in Santorini

Don’t Google love quotes, or look for advice, it’s important that you speak from the heart.

If it is the right thing to do, the words will come out naturally. / If it is the right thing to do, the words are already there, waiting to be told.

The only thing you should really practice is opening the box the right way.
It seems like four out of five people do it wrong and I have to replace it in Photoshop!

So, if you are considering having your proposal in Santorini, Greece you came to the right place.

I will help you out with everything you need:

  • Proposal photography and cinematography
  • Original concept creation
  • Advice on choosing the best locations and times - I’m a local cat.
  • Transportation

If you can imagine it, I’ll help you do it.

Is a proposal video necessary?
Well, you tell me:
Proposal Films

Wedding Proposal Film 02

Proposal Films

Wedding Proposal FIlm 01

I’ll be there discretely, capturing your Santorini proposal with artistry. After a few days I will provide you with a carefully curated gallery that will be worth every penny spent.

Send me a message, let’s make something beautiful.