Photoshoot in Greece

For some people a photoshoot in Greece is a once in a lifetime event. I respect that more than you might think and I’ll do my absolute best to make it worth every penny. I have a genuine interest in meeting new people, trying to understand how they see the world. The whole process makes my own world a better place.

If you are after a basic set of cell phone looking images in front of a blue dome then I’m sorry, you won’t find any of these here.

If you are looking for a couple photoshoot where you are both smiling and looking at the camera, or wearing a colourful flying dress like you star in a Bollywood movie, then you should probably contact someone else. There are multiple photographers in Santorini that offer that type of service.

However, if you are after a quality photoshoot in Greece, a curated collection of beautiful photography that illustrates who you really are, if you value minimalistic aesthetics and dramatic art as much as I do, then let me tell you how I work:

After you reach out, I’ll get back to you with the available times and recommended locations for the photoshoot in Greece.

Santorini and Mykonos change quite dramatically with the passing of the seasons. Some places look their best during the fall, others in spring and summer or maybe only at sunset time. I’ll provide you with the pros and cons of each place and let you make the final decision. Popular villages like Oia might be tough to shoot midday. Especially in the high season Oia is so packed that it will break your nerves.

I don’t want you to have an ordinary photoshoot in Greece, waiting in a queue behind 20 people just to take a picture that’s exactly the same as everyone else’s.

I want to offer you a personable and smooth photography experience in Greece; being there to document your intimate moments in a gentle way. I will provide you with a gallery full of quality work that will be worth every penny spent, that will become more value with the passing of the seasons.

Your photoshoot in Greece should be an unscripted documentation of who you and your partner are, impulsive, truthful and alive.

Forget those staged shots and awkward posing, forget guess work.

Let’s explore the villages together.

Let’s hike Skaros mountain.

Let’s climb on the domes.

Let’s chase sunsets.

Frequently asked questions:

How many hours should I book?

One hour might be enough for your Greece photoshoot but I highly recommend booking two.

What clothes should I wear?

The general rule is to avoid very vibrant colours and shiny textures. Other than that, you can wear anything you feel comfortable in.
Personally, I like earth tones and white linen fabrics.

Do you offer a video service?

I do and it’s worth it 100%.

What’s your per hour rate?

Shoot me a message and I’ll forward you my pricing in less than 12 hours.

When will I get my pictures and video?

Officially within 2 weeks. Unofficially in less than 3 days.

Why you should book your Santorini photoshoot with us:

- We are local cats, knowing where the good light is at all times.
- No need to wait in a queue to get a picture. We know alternative paths to Santorini’s best photo spots.
- Contrary to companies and agents that use other photographers, we are a two-person company offering a fully bespoke photography experience in Greece.